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Padding performers to a different silhouette is a decision with much to influence it.  It is my opinion as a maker that fat is NOT a character, and that with casting it is preferable to cast a person of the appropriate body type to the story if that is necessary.  However, at the times I have been asked to create body padding it has either been unrealistic to fit the story or realistic enough that people could not tell it was not real.  I have given workshops and sat on panels discussing how to be a respectful partner in the fitting room to performers who are larger than "standard" measurements, because sizeism in our industry is not acceptable.

Special Projects

Body Padding


​Body padding was suddenly a large part of my life in 2011, for productions of Faust, the Last Savage, and for the production of "I Love to Eat," a play about James Beard.  I learned a great deal about anatomy, movement, weight, materials, and usability.



Some undergarments are for shows, some as foundation garments for dresses, and some are projects.

Costumes for Dance / Trick Costumes

In musicals, plays, and dance concerts I have created and recreated from original designs many different sorts of danceable garments.  In some cases these garments perform tricks as well.

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