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Masculine Garments and Tailoring

Pre-18th Century Costumes​​


These costumes are various menswear I have worked on that are pre-18th century and in some cases highly stylized. Details are provided in the captions.

18th Century Costumes​​



These garments are patterened along lines of 18th century menswear but in many cases may be stylized to follow the design.  Details are in the captions.

19th Century Costumes



In many cases these suits were drafted using Victorian drafts (most of them are late Victorian).  In some cases the suits are stylized representations of period lines.

20th Century Costumes​​



Each of these suits is tailored for years from Edwardian to modern, using period drafts, patterns lifted from period garments, modified modern drafts, and very infrequently actually draped to the form. 

Unique Items



These items are difficult to categorize because of their stylization.  In some cases the uniqueness arises from the materials used, but for the most part they are simply uncategorizable. 

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